Non-NHS Work

The NHS does not cover all services provided at this practice. A fee may be payable in accordance with British Medical Association (BMA) guidance.  Fees and charges for these services are shown below which are payable in advance.

Doctor’s Letters

You may want a doctor’s letter for various reasons e.g. fitness to travel or confirmation of medical conditions.  Please contact reception for advice. We will often refuse these if the information is available to you via your online record or are not necessary. We do not provide letters re housing on the advise of Ealing Council Housing department.

If you are pregnant and require a doctor’s letter as proof of ‘permission to travel’ please be aware that many airlines require your doctor’s letter to be signed within 48 hours of international travel. Please note that you will not be provided with a doctor’s ‘permission to travel’ letter if you are due in less than 30 days or if your pregnancy is considered high-risk.